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From now on, his smile, the hair of his shining reddish brown engraves at in the mind.She also sheared short hair and dyed his shining Li brown.Each time walk here necessarily through of road up, she puts slow step.She locks vision at one again the Li palm tree of one up, once and with a run again and again look back, expect his emergence.

M a person does the room of utter darkness in, finally weep aloud, I missed you so, I loved most of woman, also too late spoil you, also too late fulfill a promise, also too late make you do my most beautiful bride.

Smeone says that living of bitterness of, is tired, and someone say, living like ocean ship, float to shake uncertain is dependable, because of storm always at dead silent after.I say that the person whom no one knows living real taste, knows isn't in this cosmos.Is positive such as no one know what taste the time that die is, because of know of person all already not at.A tree remembers fondly to is years, is arrived by the seed rotting, arrive again to remain soul.A person's strength can be endless endless, as long as you insist positive energy to you.This youth hasn't been over, your dream still just afar, a see of get to place.

At my old house, to funeral service is pay attention to a gift number very much, but contacts personnel of how much, can reflect to lose every family clan size most , home background, the influence in the region.However, all these without father's emergence, naturally desolate.Because I am an eldest grandson, arranged to kneel in the grandmother's recent side, the flank is one by one in order two uncles, Sale Discount Canada Goose Boston Outlet Onlinebrothers-in-law, aunts, aunt and younger sister.Their girl head the set of is long long of white filial piety, the waist fastens hemp cordage, our boy's corresponding is being short much, other persons just symbolically confused firm on the arm or the hand.I am small generation, as a result and the younger sisters Be a little bit much red to redly embellish, the light in the night next cent outside stab an eye.People whom we without intermission and forward kowtow for grandmother return to gift, the aunts often and by hand wipe eyes that the origin has no tears, the aunts early cry of hoarse one.When the most solemn burial riteses all become the place of making the show, I doubt that what human life still has to is true.Now of the whole have mercy on with me of grandmother have already had no meaning. I was late at night, in addition to family and be good friends with in the household of, other people early and gradually the time spread to go and go home to get to the Internet to see football watch the comedy sing card to pull ok also don't for can know.My that pitiful grandmother still lies on the ground quietly.The night breeze has been cold and flutters medium dusk crisp oil lamp to reflect on grandmother's portrait, is very miserable.The aunt of the near side has already slept and often still sends out to sob, act with dignity one whole day' two uncles, brother-in-law finally cry to make a noise, the pain is on oneself just know pain of, person only on the time in in the dead of night would examine one's conscience.I still absent-mindedly turn paper money and mechanically take out a nose, full is an entertain foolish ideas in the brain, though the hand has already been roasted by the fire of living painful.This feeling can treat recall(five)

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